Interview with Tyler Evin, creator of the ‘Hiding Place’ artwork

Tyler Evin’s stunning artwork – ‘Delete’ was used as the ‘Hiding Place’ single artwork. He took some time out to answer some questions about his work and creative process.
Your work frequently fuses sensual, human subjects with glitch aesthetics, but in contrast to most artists experimenting with glitch art you aren’t working with digital media – how did you develop this unique style?  
I have always been a traditionalist when it comes to visual art. So when I found myself inspired by glitches and technology, I gravitated towards using the materials I was familiar with-drawing (charcoal, graphite), and painting (oil paint). It’s not to say that I don’t experiment and try to branch out, but there’s a certain aesthetic to the traditional forms of art making-as well my comfort level with rendering an image. I love the physical quality of painting, and creating this art form digitally doesn’t quite bring me the satisfaction I’m looking for. There is also an interesting dichotomy at play with representing this digital theme in a traditional/physical manner that I enjoy a lot.
What are your ‘go to’ tools for creating a piece?
It all starts with the initial inspiration for a piece. To create the reference for me to work from, I use Photoshop or a similar image editing program. I work with various color combinations and play around with the distortion of the image until it feels like it tells the story I want. I am not tied down to representing the reference exactly as it is of course, but instead it gives me a general guide and direction for where I am going. For surfaces I like to paint on, usually either canvas or a panel or some sort. In terms of the paint and tools, I use oil paint exclusively, usually Rembrandt or Winsor & Newton. Rosemary and Co. brushes, and various paint rollers to create some interesting and unique textures is all I need.
Are there any artists in particular that have influenced you?
I have came across and met several artists over the years that have influenced me in some way or another. A few that come to mind are my painting professor in college: Zhimin Guan, a Chinese master. Tons of contemporary painters: Casey Baugh, Henrik Uldalen, the list goes on. Several photographers as well, including my friend who I collaborate with a lot: Albin Siggesson, from Norway. Ironically enough, when it came to my glitch series, I more often sought out the work of traditional painters and artists, instead of digital artists and how I could merge the two. I have a strong appreciation and love for the work of digital artists though. That is a skill that I have not ventured into yet.
You are based in Fargo ND, do you find that your surroundings affect your art?
I don’t believe that my surroundings heavily affect the aesthetics of my work. In terms of inspiration for my work, I find myself rarely seeking out the landscape of North Dakota. Instead, I draw inspiration from the people around me. I love playing with subtle psychological themes in my work. You could make an argument that my surroundings have affected my work in that sense, but the visual aspect remains about abstract and figurative elements. At times, the desolate nature of ND comes in to play with themes I am exploring.
If you could only keep one of your artworks which one would it be and why?
To be honest, I wouldn’t keep any. Now that sounds like I don’t have a love for what I do, or the work I create, but it’s actually the complete opposite! I love what I do so much that I want the work I create to be loved and appreciated by somebody else too. I hope the owner of my work feels the story I am telling and connects to it in that way. There is no better feeling than that. I have created lots of paintings over the years, and each of them has a story and is unique to me. Sometimes having that story and memory is the only thing I need.
Your work ‘Delete’ has recently been used as the front cover for Asta Hiroki’s single ‘Hiding Place’ – do you frequently collaborate with other artists/musicians?
I absolutely love collaborating with other artists! I used to run a little contest for portraits on my Instagram with my followers for a couple years, where I got to collaborate with some awesome people. I have worked with my photographer friend from Norway, Albin Siggesson on several pieces. His work is amazing. Instagram has opened up so many opportunities for collaborating with creative people. I hope to work with many more in the future, visual artists and musicians! I have been very grateful for this opportunity to work with Alex. I find his music incredibly inspiring.
How did you create ‘Delete’ and do you have any further insights into the inspiration behind the piece?
As I mentioned previously, I collaborate with photographer Albin Siggesson many times. I worked with him on using one of his images as a point of reference for me. The story I wanted to tell was the absence and hole that technology/social media can create in an individual’s life. Through the manipulation process, I decided to leave out details and focus on the essence of the figure-leaving just the ghost-like shape. I opted for a neutral, monochromatic color palette for the painting to represent the bleakness and isolation associated with loss of human connection with technology. The title: “Delete” is signifying a disconnect and removal of the human aspect in favor of the digital one.
Lastly if you had one bit of advice for everyone what would it be?
I probably only have your typical advice you hear from everybody, but it seems to work for me! Don’t be afraid of failure or trying something new with your work as an artist. It will always lead to better creations in the end, and you will learn and grow from it. In the end, it’s about the work and practice you put in. Be constantly working and perfecting your craft every single day. Good things will come.

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