‘Channels’ cover artwork – interview with artist: Gosia Miklaszewska

Art and music go hand in hand so it’s only right that a good record should have equally engaging cover artwork. For Asta Hiroki – ‘Channels / Vulnerable’ the artwork was produced by talented Polish illustrator and animator Gosia Miklaszewska. Here she kindly  answered a few questions on her background, techniques and influences to give some more insight on the artist behind the artwork…
Can you tell us a bit about yourself/what’s your background?
GM: I’m the black sheep of my scientific family! Always interested in the visual side of art and life I had a rough time making my family understand and value my passion.
I decided I wanted to make art much to my father’s disapproval. My parents supported me with my decisions but were extremely worried and sceptical since they knew nothing about the industry or the nature of this kind of work.
Luckily, I was successful and quickly found my way. They stopped being worried. I taught them a lot about my field of work and they’re happy to share it with their friends. They also give me an interesting, very logical feedback.
This kind of background gives me a solid practical approach to art which is often useful.
How did you come to collaborate with Asta Hiroki? 
GM: I display some of my work on the internet and it caught his eye. During my academy years I was fascinated with the intalgio printmaking. It’s a wonder of details. Focusing on the small things was always my favourite thing to do. This technique is timeless for me and requires a lot of effort which makes it very special. Results are extraordinary.
Does the artwork you created for ‘Channels / Vulnerable’ have a name?
GM: It doesn’t. I hate having to come up with names for my work. It’s supposed to speak by itself and not force anyone to see what I see… There’s a reason we say that a picture is worth a thousand words.
How did you create it?
GM: I replicated the ingalgio technique using ink and applied watercolour to contrast the strong, dark lineart. It was important to achieve the feeling of water which is one of the themes I discussed with Asta.
What/who are your biggest influences?
GM: I don’t like looking too much at specific artists since it’s very easy to start unconciously copying work which is admired by us. But I remember being stunned by Alan’s Lee work. I also hugely admire Giger for his extraordinary imagination and creativity. Zbigniew Beksiński and Renee Magritte are also a big influence.


Any last bits of advice for art or otherwise?

GM: Being honest with yourself is important. I’m still trying.

If you are interersted in finding out more about Gosia’s art then you can view more of her work here